Link to Us

The key to the success of LGBTQ.Vegas’ community calendar is awareness. If you own or maintain a website targeted to our community, we would be grateful for your help spreading the word by including a link to LGBTQ.Vegas in a visible spot on your site.

Below are approved graphics in a variety of common IAB standard banner sizes. Please right-click to save the chosen banner(s) to your hard drive, then upload to your site and link to (please note, there is no .com on the end).

Thank you for your support!


LGBTQ.Vegas banner 300x100
300 x 100

LGBTQ.Vegas banner 300x250
300 x 250

LGBTQ.Vegas banner 250x250
250 x 250

LGBTQ.Vegas banner 125x125
125 x 125

LGBTQ.Vegas banner 468x60
468 x 60

LGBTQ.Vegas banner 728x90
728 x 90